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Bob Ovington

Bob joined us in December 2013. His career as a chef has taken him all over Scotland, and he spent many years as Executive Head Chef at Pittodrie House Hotel here in Aberdeenshire.  It was our great good fortune to tempt him here to Kincardine, and he became our first full time chef.  He takes charge of Kincardine Kitchen, making all of our products and has added a few new lines along the way.  His first attempt (ever) at making marmalade led to us winning a Gold Medal at the World Marmalade Awards in 2014.  He also caters (brilliantly) for our in-house events at the Castle, and has helped us develop some new and very popular events, such as our Pop-up cafe, held every month on the first Friday, and our Champagne afternoon teas.   But, much more importantly, he has become a real friend to this place and its inhabitants, and within minutes of his arrival was completely indispensable.  From looking after the chickens and dogs, to making sure the red squirrels are fed and that the tubs round the Castle are planted and watered, and growing herbs and a lot more in the Walled Garden, he really has made his mark. And all with a healthy dose of fun, pride in his work and enjoyment of life.  

Bob Ovington

Margaret Stephen 




Margaret Stephen was our first (and for many years only) employee, and is now working as Bob's assistant, packing and labelling our products.  She's meant to be retired, but somehow never quite makes it.

The Stephen family

Kincardine Kitchen’s sole employee Margaret Stephen has lived a few yards from the Castle for virtually her entire life, though lately moved to be closer to the village. When she was a wee girl her father was Head Gardener here, so she and her siblings grew up with the garden and the grounds as their playing field. When she got married to her husband Leslie, also a gardener, she moved a few miles away for a year or two, but returned to the house she was brought up in after her father’s death in 1960, whereupon Leslie became Head Gardener. We have had the privilege of knowing and employing four generations of this remarkable family.

Nicky Bradfordnicky

I'm often asked the secret of our success, and I'm sure that the answer lies in making things that look and taste as if you'd made them yourself, and that are made and packaged in small batches from simple ingredients, such as you'd find in your own store cupboard.  And the other major secret (well, no secret really) is in the fabulous people we employ, who go that extra mile to maintain quality time after time.  






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