Kincardine Castle


This magnificent Victorian castle is the venue for a wide variety of functions from prestigious dinner parties, weddings and receptions to meetings and house parties.

Kincardine Castle History

The original building on this site dates from 1710 and was a modest affair. It was enlarged over the next 150 years until, in the 1890s, 

Andrew Bradford's great-grandmother caused most of it to be pulled down in order to construct the present castle. All vestiges of defensive architecture has been reduced to ornamentation. This was a castle built to welcome people in, not keep them out. A party castle if you like.

Host Your Event at Kincardine Castle

Operating on an exclusive use basis, the castle is home to Andrew and Nicky Bradford who host and manage your visit to make it an extraordinarily personal event. You will learn about the history of the estate, the castle and family and can enjoy the splendid works of art and antiques which date back to the 16th century.

Kincardine Castle can be used as a base for an enormous range of activities including the traditional field sports such as shooting and salmon fishing. We offer team-building events in conjunction with a local activity centre. There is also walking, riding and sight-seeing in abundance throughout the estate and greater Deeside area.

About Kincardine Estate


A spectacular mixed country estate with 3,000 acres of forestry, farming, shooting and salmon fishing as the main land-uses.

The estate provides rented housing, most of it at affordable and mid-market rents; together with rented farms, workshops, shops and a quarry. All of these operations take place within a 2 mile radius of Kincardine O'Neil.

Approximately 500 acres of land around the castle and the village of Kincardine O'Neil is designated an Outstanding Conservation Area. The management of the Estate has been a material influence on preserving the area's architectural qualities.


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